I play a wide variety of games, although not many genres.
I Mainly focus on Survival and Sandbox types of games. Now and then I'll play a FPS, RPG or RTS game.
From the drop down menu you will be able to see a list of games I currently play, and I usually have gameplay videos of them which you can find in the Videos section.
Please Select one of these games to find out more about it.

Game "lingo":
Okay, throughout this website I'll use abreviations, slang and terms most commonly known amongst gamers, so in the off chance that any visitor is unfamiliar with any of these I made a nice list: feel free to suggest more :)

FPS - First Person Shooter
RPG - Role Playing Game
RTS - Real Time Strategy
MMO - Massive Multiplayer Online

I found myself explaining this recently, so adding this for good measure:
NEWB - A new Gamer OR a Gamer new to a certain game. But generally this 'creature' is willing to learn and admits he is new and/or doesn't know much - Generally humble.
NOOB - This creature however knows everything about the game and you can't tell him(her) anything, but since he/she play "o so much" games, a lot is very confusing, so asks tons of questions to "Refresh" their memory - Generally new to the game andy wants to be spoon fed everything.