Q: How about adding a Forum?

A: I have a public Discord for general chat (info on Contact Page), FAQ's is handled here and if you need to get into contact with me directly, you can do so via the Contact Page.

Q: What resources do you use?

A: Software
- BandiCam (Recording)
- BandiCut (Basic Cutting, would not recommend, got it with a package deal)
- VSDC Video Editor (All video editing)
- GIMP (Thumbnail creation & Text modifications)
- CoolText Website for fancy Fonts (Rarely use it, but giving them a "shout out" (Cool Text: Logo and Graphics Generator)
- Notepad++ (HTML Coding)

Q: What hardware do you use?

A: Editing/Server Hardware:
- i5
- 16GB Ram
- Asus Tuf GTX 1660
- 512GB NVMe + 2TB HDD (Game Files)
- 3 x 4TB HDD's (Video Storage)
- Huntkey x7 950 Watt PSU

A: Gaming Hardware:
- Asus Strix GTX 1080
- Intel Core i7 8700K
- Corsair 32GB RGB Ram
- Samsung EVO 960 256GB NVMe (OS) + Seacate 2TB HDD (Games)
- Corsair 850 Watt PSU

Other devices:
- Logitech G633 Headset
- Corsair K95 KB
- Asus ROG Spatha Mouse
- 27" Dell QWHD LCD Monitor

Q: What mic do you use?

A: I use a basic Dynamic Mic with an Audio interface at the moment.
- Mic: Shure PGA 48
- Interface: Behringer UMC22

Please be patient with the website as it develops, it will change & grow the more I learn about website designing.